Jessica’s Story

Joss GrabaowskiAbout 6 years ago, when my daughter was 2 years old, I noticed she was always getting sick which made it near to impossible for me to work even part time.  As such, I decided to quit work and stay home with her to help heal her.  I met a woman on one of our daily trips to a nature center who had mentioned Weston A Price to me as a way to heal and nourish our children.  That day I looked it up and was hooked.

I found a farmer from Pennsylvania where I was able to get raw milk, cheese and yogurt as well as fermented drinks such as beet kvaas and gingerale, and lots of grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens and eggs.  Since then I have followed Weston A Price and have seen my daughter grow into a healthy and energetic 8 year old girl.  She is a fabulous eater and craves nourishing foods.  For instance she loves bone broth for breakfast and kimchi at lunch as well as all fermented drinks. I always have something fermenting or soaking on our counter.  Its just a way of life now.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Gena’s Story

After many frustrating and fruitless visits to doctors, I began researching nutrition whFam picen my first child experienced severe eczema which we ultimately healed through the GAPS diet and traditional nutrition.   As the whole family began changing our habits, amazing things happened- my son’s eczema cleared up, my excess weight was lost, my brain fog disappeared, everyone’s energy was restored.  Since then, I’ve been a firm believer in the benefits of a traditional diet, and haven’t been able to stop researching!

My children are now 6 and nearly 4, and we have been on a traditional diet since my son’s illness.  Our diet includes cod liver oil, only pastured meats & eggs, raw dairy, organic fruits and vegetables, and as much bone broth as we can consume!  Although there are new challenges as the kids grow (tell me why people serve junk food at birthday parties?!), I must brag that my children are in wonderful health!  Eggs from pastured chickens and sourdough toast with loads of real butter fuel their mornings so they can learn at school.  Raw milk is a staple in our home, as is creme brulee.  Fermented pickles keeps their digestion in order.  “Special sauce” aka cod liver oil keeps them healthy through the winter.  We routinely eat drink bone broth and soups.  My children get 1-2 colds per year.  Although they have both had ear infections, all have cleared up on their own. Neither child has ever been on antibiotics.

Our children sleep well, can focus and learn in school, and are well-rounded little individuals.  We’re a happy and healthy family and we plan to stay that way!



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Welcome.  This is a gathering place for everyone and anyone to share their story of health, growth and improvement through a traditional food, or real food diet.  We are here to validate your experience, to ensure your story gets heard, and to provide a body of evidence for potential future research.  You have a voice and we want to hear it.

Nourishing our bodies can be a complex endeavor, yet we believe that the best ways to nourish ourselves and our families is through simple, healthy eating.  We look back generations to ancestral communities to see how they thrived, and we learn from dietary mistakes from the past (we’re talking to you, margarine!).  We base our philosophy on the research of Dr. Weston A. Price.

Here you will find many stories of people from around the US and the world whose lives have been changed by eating a traditional, real food diet.  In some cases, names have been changed to preserve privacy.  These stories are of families, friends, loved ones.  These are stories of how people thrive when they’re well nourished; stories of how their teeth have changed, how arthritis was relieved, how illnesses were put at bay.  These are stories of healing and stories of hope.

We want to hear from you: mothers whose children have thrived on real food, families who have changed their habits and seen healing, older generations who have seen their children thrive after eating a traditional diets.

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