Kate’s Story

My story begins with me looking into fluoride in our drinking water. It didn’t make sense that it’s dangerous if my kids shallow some while brushing their teeth but it was safe in our drinking water. A few years and lots of research later, and I’m a believer fluoride does not belong in our bodies, at all! But the problem was more then how do I give my children good clean water but also how do I give them clean food. Fluoride, is in all their favorite snacks and juices, it’s in everything. I decided to start to make everything that I can from scratch and only buy organic whole foods, and on my journey of learning “how” to do that I also learned how much better natural food is for you! When my daughter was 6 she was showing signs of dental fluorosis, she is now 10 and her teeth look perfectly amazing.

Also cutting all the artificial flavors/ preservatives/ colors out of my children’s diet has made them behave so much better. It seemed they could never pay attention before, or they were always “looking for a fight” they just seemed very aggressive or to the other extreme they would seem completely lethargic and overall unhappy most of the time. Now that we are eating whole foods we are all happy and healthy and when the kids get exposed to that kind of food I know just by the way they are behaving! Like the neighbor girl would give them snack crackers when they went over to her house to play or grandma who just has to give them candy when I’m not around, I can always tell a few hours later.

I have just had another baby, he turned 1 a few months ago. He is without a doubt the healthiest baby I have ever seen, he runs around the house like he is Hercules, he is so strong and so smart and his doc even said ” he’s doing things a 2yr old. can’t do yet” and I believe it’s because we have been living such a clean healthy life style. I’m so glad we figured out how to take control of our lives. We are what we eat!


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