Celeste’s Story

Before I was even an adult, I read Adelle Davis’ book, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.” Her premise in this book was, if you want to be healthy, you have to pay attention to what you eat. Wow! That made so much sense to me, I became an organic consumer immediately. As I perused further, I discovered that growing my own vegetables could be even better. So I learned how.

I discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation soon after Sally Fallon Morell’s book, “Nourishing Traditions” came out. I was already buying all of my meat (including chicken feet for my bone broth soup) from local farmers but this book taught me the importance of fermented foods in the diet as well as many other things. My husband, Bob, and I are not young, but we enjoy great health. We do take supplements, but we are on no medications, have no aches or pains, live strenuous lives and enjoy great food.

One story that is worth sharing: Over a year ago, Bob sleep-walked off of our loft. He woke up on the way down so he knew that he was falling. He basically fell an entire story at the age of 68. Yet, he broke NOTHING. I think that is a testament to the strength of his bones. We eat lots of butter, cream, coconut oil, our own pastured eggs, veggies from the garden all year long and my own version of kimchee. I also drink a splash of fruit kvass in every glass of water that I drink all day long. I firmly believe that eating a traditional diet is the best way to maintain great health.


One thought on “Celeste’s Story

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your age in your story. My husband and I are in our 60’s and just recently discovered Nourishing Traditions and Weston A. Price Organization.
    After a short period of drinking kefir, this has been my observation: an on going problem of anemia has been resolved and my blood sugars are in better control. I have lost over 20 pounds without dieting. The whole milk kefir helps to control my appetite so I just eat less. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and been on some kind of diet since the age of 11. After every new diet, food cravings would sabotage all the work I had put into losing weight. Those cravings are now gone and I feel that the diet roller coaster is done!
    I can’t guarantee that everyone will experience the same results that I have but this has changed my life!


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