Kate P’s Story

What’s important to me about the Weston Price Foundation is the quality of the food. I was in a macrobiotic, near-vegan cooking school in NYC when I met Sally Fallon. I was in my mid-30’s. Somehow the school had invited her to speak on “Why Butter is Better” (!!!). Her message resonated with me so much.

I immediately laid aside my vegetarian strivings and began to eat in the way she described traditional diets. The main thing for me was taste. It made alot of sense to me that food that tasted good was going to good for me.

Through my love of butter, I began to want to be a dairy farmer. I left NYC to start a farming internship in New Jersey. All along the way I adhered more and more to a Weston Price diet. I became a mother at the age of 43, giving birth to an extremely healthy baby at home.

When my son was two, I started a Weston Price chapter in our area (I had since moved to the midwest) — it turned out to be a wonderful boon for me because the people who attend the meetings are really in the know about where to find good locally grown food.

My son and I are still healthy. We never go to the doctor and rarely get sick. My son has never had a vaccination or a cavity (several of his classmates have diabetes and are on the autism spectrum). I raise virtually all of our own meat, and raw dairy is locally sourced. I prepare farm-raised meals for large gatherings, and I see how satisfied people are after a meal that includes lots of healthy fat.


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