Our Story

We, Gena and Johanna, met years ago a national conference where Johanna was doing research and Gena was a speaker.  After a few moments of talking a strong connection was made and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since.  This project is an organic development of our friendship and passions. See our bios below for the nuts and bolts of who we are.

Things we have in common:

  • We are lovers of real food.
  • We are mothers, daughters, wives, and friends.
  • We seek out real food passionately, as local as we can get.
  • We love butter and cream and eggs from pastured animals.
  • We love fruits and vegetables and all things delicious.
  • We listen to our bodies, hearts and minds.
  • We trust real research and traditional methods.
  • We believe that eating well is a lifestyle choice and we prioritize our budgets and time to do so.
  • We love meeting others doing exciting things with food and agriculture.

This is our place to share how we choose to nourish our families, and stories of how we’ve all grown.  Look around, enjoy and contact us if you have any questions.

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The Authors:

JohannaKeefeJohanna Keefe, MS, RN, AHN-BC, GAPS-C, is  Board Certified in  Advanced Holistic Nursing. She is currently pursing doctoral studies in restorative food and farming at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  A graduate of Endicott College Master of Science program in Nursing, she chose a concentration in holistic education and development, and she currently holds an adjunct teaching position in their School of Nursing, teaching and designing holistic curriculum for nurses in the BSN program.  With her initial degree from Boston University’s School of Nursing, Johanna began her work with the team at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, at the Judge Baker Center for Psychosomatic medicine.   She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, a professional and research based organization devoted to integral practices of nursing care.  You can find out more about Johanna here.  

Gena Mavuli, MA, NC is a holistic nutrition consultant, cooking teacher, farm enthusiast, and lover of life in the Gena pic croppedBoston area.  She came to traditional foods through her son who developed severe eczema as an infant.  He was eventually healed through diet along with homeopathic support.

Gena also has a passion for global cultures, building on her background in Latin America which began in El Salvador in 2003.  Most recently Gena worked to support sustainable healthcare in northern Haiti, and previously Gena worked in sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in the Amazon of Peru and Bolivia.  While earning her Master’s Degree at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gena worked to preserve and enhance the livelihood of indigenous communities living in Missiones, Argentina.

Gena’s work has increased her conviction that sustainable livelihoods, quality nutrition and whole body health go hand in hand.  It is Gena’s passion to explore the human, personal side of the traditional food movement around the world.  Find out more about Gena here.



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