Maddie’s Story

My road to health was gradual. I first started using raw goat dairy for the family when my youngest was about 4, as she can’t tolerate cows’ milk. (I can’t tolerate any dairy w-casein). Both she and her brother never needed braces, even though their prenatal nutrition was bad. The older kids did. I started with WAPF diet, but moved to GAPS due to issues with grains. I consider GAPS a subset of WAPF diet.

Between following GAPS, homeopathy, and supplements, I now no longer have constipation, which I was “born with”. My allergies & asthma are almost non-existent, and I used to have to wear a HEPA mask to work in my garden! Migraines stopped as soon as I stopped grains and sugar, as did brain fog. Even though I have MTHFR, I’m able to detox sufficiently now. I know this isn’t strictly a “WAPF” story, but as I said, I believe GAPS “counts”.

Regarding obstacles, I did not have it as hard as many Americans, in that for the first 15 years of married life, I lived in the UK, which at that time, had almost NO convenience foods. You bought meat, vegetables, etc, and you cooked them; no taco kits, open-and-serve, etc. So I was used to cooking. I also had always liked liver, so I was already eating that on a regular basis.

The biggest challenge is realizing that family members (my youngest is now 20) have to find their own ways, which sadly involves their bad choices. When they get sick enough, they may be motivated to change. Until then, I keep cooking good stuff, and keep my mouth shut. Nobody is convinced by being nagged.


Gena’s Story

After many frustrating and fruitless visits to doctors, I began researching nutrition whFam picen my first child experienced severe eczema which we ultimately healed through the GAPS diet and traditional nutrition.   As the whole family began changing our habits, amazing things happened- my son’s eczema cleared up, my excess weight was lost, my brain fog disappeared, everyone’s energy was restored.  Since then, I’ve been a firm believer in the benefits of a traditional diet, and haven’t been able to stop researching!

My children are now 6 and nearly 4, and we have been on a traditional diet since my son’s illness.  Our diet includes cod liver oil, only pastured meats & eggs, raw dairy, organic fruits and vegetables, and as much bone broth as we can consume!  Although there are new challenges as the kids grow (tell me why people serve junk food at birthday parties?!), I must brag that my children are in wonderful health!  Eggs from pastured chickens and sourdough toast with loads of real butter fuel their mornings so they can learn at school.  Raw milk is a staple in our home, as is creme brulee.  Fermented pickles keeps their digestion in order.  “Special sauce” aka cod liver oil keeps them healthy through the winter.  We routinely eat drink bone broth and soups.  My children get 1-2 colds per year.  Although they have both had ear infections, all have cleared up on their own. Neither child has ever been on antibiotics.

Our children sleep well, can focus and learn in school, and are well-rounded little individuals.  We’re a happy and healthy family and we plan to stay that way!