Gina’s Story

I came to know about Weston A Price/ancestral diet when I became a new mom and stumbled upon “why not to feed your baby Cheerios”. Uh oh! That’s my go-to snack!! So then I got Nourishing Traditions book of baby care from the library and never turned to Gina CoddlingCheerios again. I started my son on pastured egg yolk and liver, plenty of butter, and we switched to pink salt.

We are low income so the changes have been slow over the last 2.5 years, but now I make all our bread by long fermentation, homemade sauerkraut, bone broth, soak all grains, no soy, no sugar, drink low pasteurized non/homogenized milk, LOTS of grass fed butter, pastured meats including liver, and mostly organic produce. My cycles regulated, I had 2 wonderful natural pregnancies and births and easily breastfed. My sons never get sick, have happy dispositions, no problems teething, and meet or surpass all milestones. We also don’t vaccinate. They have wide faces and palates and strong, well-formed teeth.

Most amazingly, my husband is no longer lactose intolerant!! At 4 months of age he was started on formula for lactose intolerant babies and has been very sensitive to milk his whole life. Now at 24, he enjoys a glass of milk almost every day. He also stopped getting sinus infections multiple times a year, or any illness really. His digestion is slowly improving as is his skin which is very sensitive and always bumpy and red.