Eileen’s Story

My real food journey began several years ago when I was first introduced to the idea via an online radio program. Along with a few other changes, I learned for the first time what it meant to truly eat healthfully. After eating the WAP way for abMoses Lanatiout three years and now free of Lyme disease, my husband and I decided that it was time to start a family. We included many of the recommended preconception dietary recommendations including salmon roe, raw milk, bone broth, liver and also a high quality royal jelly by Premier Research Labs. Two months later we were stunned to find out that we were already pregnant.

Though I was under a great deal of stress throughout most of my pregnancy while my husband was dealing with a severe reaction to a new tick bite, the traditional diet combined with high-quality supplements by PRL and the grace of God, I went into labor at exactly 42 weeks. Our plans for a home birth with our midwives went out the window when I was diagnosed as being preeclamptic that same day. Twenty-four hours later our healthy baby boy was born via cesarean section weighing in at 6lb. 14oz. We were so thankful that he was allowed the two extra weeks gestation that would have never been permitted by a medical doctor because of my condition.

Moses Gabriel immediately started gaining weight and has never lost an ounce since his birth due to his robust health and his ability to latch right away. He went from being in the 50th percentile at birth to the 90th percentile for height and 95th for weight by eight weeks and has remained there. He is now a delightful, curious and engaging fiften-months-old who enjoys life to the fullest. Along with my breast milk, some of his favorite real foods include salmon roe, Kerrygold Butter, raw milk and cheese, pastured eggs, bone broth, a variety game meats and fish, dried sardines, nori, stewed fruits and fruit smoothies with greens.